Saw Millers Corporate Social Responsibilities and Returns to Marketing


  • Muhammed-lawal A.A
  • Lawal R.A.
  • Ogunseitan T.O


Over the years, corporate social responsibility is an idea that is rampant in business reporting and is used in
fulfilling the company’s responsibilities to their society. This study assessed the execution and effect of corporate
social responsibilities on the income realized from saw wood marketing among saw millers in Iseyin town of Oyo
State. A purposive sampling technique was used to select 115 saw millers. Well-structured questionnaires and
interview guides were used to obtain data from the respondents and the data were analyzed with descriptive analysis, profit margin, correlation analysis, and multiple linear regression analysis. The Result shows a significant
relationship occurs between corporate social responsibilities and the income realized from sawn wood marketing (p
< 0.05) and executing economic responsibility in their business will decrease the income realized from sawn wood
marketing. Also, gender, awareness of corporate social responsibility, agreed price, and improved well-being of the
peoples through laws from the host community were factors that influenced the execution of corporate social
responsibilities in the sawn wood business. Hence, saw millers are required to be enlightened through extension
agents that business success cannot be achieved with profit only




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