Waste Disposal Systems in Some Selected Abattoirs Located in Ilaro Metropolis


  • Ojo O.O
  • Elesin G.O


This paper assesses the waste disposal systems in some selected abattoirs in Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria. The study objectives consist of various types of waste generated, methods of disposal and management, and challenges involved. The population of the study encompasses of all the users, managers, and immediate residents of Alapoka  and Sabo Abattoirs and six (6) slaughter labs in Ilaro, Yewa South Local Government area of Ogun State. Purposive sampling technique was adopted, Fourty-eight (48) questionnaires was distributed for various stakeholders.Descriptive and Mann-Whitney U non parametric statistical methodology was employed in the analysis of the datacollected for this study. Findings show that immediate environment suffered environmental degradation offensive odour, disease transmission and soil erosion within the study areas as evidenced from the pvalues 0.689, 0.684,0.660 and 0.906 > 0.05 level of significance in the effect of waste management and compatibility of uses and enhancesmobility within the abattoir




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